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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Upgrading The PC

Imagine what it would be like to click on the "Random Blog" button on the front of and it's your site that comes up. Can you imagine how that would make you feel? I did. I imagined it happening and to be honest it wasn't as good as I had hoped. So I never hope it does happen for real because it just isn't worth the anti-climax.

Today is Sunday. The seventh day of the week. The Sabbath; the Twilight; the End. Tomorrow it all begins again in earnest and I can't say I'm looking forward to it very much. Nothing will have changed from last week; the same dull, uninspiring building full of sheep and pussy cats; the same people on the buses; the same view from the window; the same feeling at the end of it all at 5pm.

The only thing keeping me going is my family and my writing.

One day. One day.

I read more of my new book, Poems on the Underground late last night. It's an excellent read. It contains some work by Robert Louis Stevenson and Spike Milligan I hadn't uncovered until now. There was also a lovely poem by Liz Lochead, one of those poems you wonder why it has never been written before, the idea is so simple. Bit it isn't simple when you examine it, it is complicated and stabbing, which is why I like it. It made me realise I have so far to go with poetry and that made me feel good - because it means I'm still learning, willing to keep working and my mind is still open to it all.

That last paragraph is a total inflection on the opening paragraphs of this entry. Poetic justice, non?

I upgraded my PC this afternoon with the memory cards from my Dad's old PC. Not knowing if they would be compatible I shoved them in and lo-and-behold I went from a pre-historic 64Mb-RAM machine to one of 256Mb-RAM. The machine works so much faster now and also fits the specification for Windows XP to be installed.

So, in a frenzy of XP excitement, I got out the discs my Brother-in-Law-to-be gave me, but because they were stuck together they were useless. They had been packaged back-to-back and when I prised them apart the disc backing came off rendering them useless. No XP today, which also means no broadband. I was a bit annoyed at having gotten so far but not as annoyed as BIL was when I told him about the discs. Hopefully I can repair/replace them when I get another copy of XP.

I had an idea for next week's TSDR blog entry so I wrote out the skeleton of it while it was fresh in my head. It's my first entry concerning the process of writing, but of course, I've given it a slant.

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Colin 3:18 pm


Ha ha ha!!! Great cartoon!

I hope you get broadband soon--the internet SUCKS on dialup!


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