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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One Bunch Of Flowers And You're Laid

Happy Valentine's Day (if that's your bag).

I don't agree with Valentine's Day. Not because I'm not a romantic - that's one department I don't fail as a hubbie, know what I mean? I just don't see how because one buys their partner a bunch of over-priced flowers on February 14th, it makes them romantic?

Not to parp my own trumpet, but I don't need an excuse to buy my wife flowers, which is why I don't do it on this "day of love". I buy my wife flowers on July 8th, May 5th or February 25th - any other day of the year in fact, because that's what makes it truly romantic; the surprise element. The fact it is out of the blue is what makes these gestures special, not because February 14th is when the corporate card and flower-sellers say that's the only day of the year you have available to prove you are truly loving towards your wife. Bollocks to that. Romance takes imagination, it takes balls (well, maybe later at night) and it takes a heart that really does love the one they are targeting.

Enough of this soppy shite. Have you got the new Arctic Monkeys album, Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not? It is absolutely fantastic. It's a record of totally original music, which is novel these days to say the least. The melodies are engrossing, each song a beauty in it's own right. The lyrics are very special, almost poetry from the street, and the artwork is truly inspired; a man smoking a cigarette in the face of the camera was always going to go down well the same month the Government are voting for a ban on smoking in England and Wales. Even the CD cover is an ashtray full of fag ends (not a homophobic reference for any American readers). It's a class act. Best album I've heard for a long, long time. Buy it!!

My TSDR Blog entry is up and is about the Top 10 Most Borrowed Books in the UK. It's a surprising list this year.

I started the third redraft of Hunting Jack. This previous run-through's were concerned with grammar, punctuation and general structure tightness. Now I am getting deep into analysing the psyche of the characters, in particular Jackie McCann. His feelings don't come across strong enough for me and I don't think the reader is given enough to get them emotionally attached to him.

I also want to add a whole new scene where Jackie goes to the library and makes a discovery about his family's background and its connection to the Glasgow Ice-Cream Wars. It won't change the overall plot but it will have to be tightly written in.

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Colin 11:52 am


Aw, Colin! That is so sweet you buy your wife flowers whenever the spark hits. I love that! (Incidentally, I NEVER got flowers. He said, "I would rather take a hundred dollar bill and throw it in the street than spend it on flowers that are going to die." Ouch.)

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