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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Book Review Confirmed

A nice long lie then some breakfast of eggs, toast and coffee. I did some tidying round the house, but all that stopped at 3pm while I watched the Wales v Scotland match in the Six Nations Championship.

Scotland were beaten 28-18 but put on a good display despite having a man sent off after 20 minutes. That pretty much screwed us for the rest of the game but at least we weren't embarrassed like we were by the Welsh last year.

Watched quite a lot of the Winter Olympics today; the 'sitting on a tea-tray event while sliding down a mountain' looks awesome fun!

A couple of rejection emails came in yesterday. Loaded and What a Waste were both rejected by Glimmertrain Press. I fully expect The Oasis, which was submitted on the same day, also to be rejected shortly.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I received the free copy of Fringe Fantastic back from Scotland Magazine. They have reviewed the book and confirmed in an accompanying note it will be published in issue 25 of the magazine. I think that comes out about March/April time. Needless to say, this is invaluable advertising and I'll be getting a copy as soon as it is out.

Fingers crossed it's a good review!

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