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Friday, February 17, 2006

He Who Hoots With The Owls ~

~ can't soar with the eagles.

My Dad first introduced me to that saying. This morning it applied most aptly, but before my Old Man gets ahead of himself and thinks he is wiser than the old bloke from Karate Kid, let me tell you that in his day he was truly the master at making hangovers. I mean - where on earth do you think I get it from?

I woke at 07:00 when my alarm went off, but couldn't pull my aching body out of bed until 09:50. I was late getting to work; I still don't know how I got there because of how awful I felt.

Banging head, sore eyelids, aching muscles and a dry tongue, all symptoms of a bad hangover and all damn good reasons why mid-week drinking is never a good idea.

375 coffees later and I started to feel human again but wished, oh so badly, to be able to fast-forward the day so I could return to my cosy slumber and feel the cool sheets welcome me home as I settle in for the night.

I heard back from some of my chased submissions. Adirondack Review did reject The Oasis but the email never came through to me for which they apologised.

Wildchild Publishing also got back to me with some interesting news. They rejected both Daffodils and The Oasis but said they really liked my writing and did I have something "less grim."

I think I'll send them Under the Skin. It has a happy ending, a nice twist and makes you think. One of the editors thought I was talking about Heart of a Child, which I submitted last January and ended up pulling because I felt it was being dismantled too much. For them to remember the story struck me as being a little bit of a compliment. Even in rejection, The editors at Wildchild are excellent to deal with.

I'm still waiting to hear from The Portable Muse.

I spent the evening with my daughter. We had some freshly cooked chicken for dinner and then watched some old home movies - ones we have made together in the past ourselves and ones of me when I was her age. My Dad has recently taken up transferring all these old movies from the late 70's and 80's to DVD and it's been years since I saw them.

It was the first time she had seen me as a child. It is also the first, and only time, she will see both my Grans and my Papa from my Dad's side. We screamed with laughter as we watched the antics on display and I had a tear in my eye to think how long it has been since I thought about these people, now departed. It's been too long since we visited their respective graveyards. A visit must soon be on the cards.

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Colin 3:15 pm


Aww, that is so sweet! And I bet your daughter will remember spending those times with you. Got me thinking about my mom and grandmother and got a little weepy there for awhile.

Thanks for sharing.
Mid-week hangover! Ouch! Nothing worse.
And it sounds like you and your daughter have a blast togeter. That is so cool.

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