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Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Music And Poems

An early start into Edinburgh via the Dance School and I found myself in the city by quarter past ten. I decided on a change of routine and headed for HMV to peruse some CD's that I have been toying with purchasing. I browsed for almost an hour and came away with The Ordinary Boys latest album, Brassbound, The Dead 60's (album of same name) and Yello's, You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess.

The latter album is part of me turning never ending programme of turning vinyl into CD, but The Dead 60's is an album I've wanted for a while after seeing their performance at last years Glastonbury Festival. The Ordinary Boys harks back to me discovering just last week that they are in fact NOT a boy band. They are a ska/mod band with their roots firmly planted in the old Madness/Specials hall of music.

I popped into Waterstones and picked up a copy of Poems on the Underground, an anthology based on the 'poem posters' that first appeared in the London Tube and underground trains in 1986. The idea spread world-wide and the poems will be a superb influence to me as I read through some of them during my morning cappuccino in my usual coffee shop off St. Andrews Square.

I had planned on picking up my latest batch of Fringe Fantastic books from the post office depot but the queue was half way along the road. I went into the Aquatic Rooms on Leith Walk instead and bought some badly needed plants for my fish tank.

The rest of the afternoon was slow and lazy, spending time with Laura and Gail and just enjoying not having to do much on a Saturday. I made some chicken soup from a spare carcass I found in the fridge and had some for my dinner before ploughing into some emails and writing.

Lowlights of the emails: Heart of a Child was rejected by the Summerset Review and The Oasis finally given the heave-ho by Wildchild. *sigh* I've certainly racked them up this month!

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