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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lacking In Energy


Quite tired today but the fact it is Thursday has kept me quite perky. An early morning meeting didn't help matters and meant I had to leave the house in a rush with no coffee in my blood, but I soon made up for that later on.

There was an incident before I left the house though - one of my Cardinal Tetras turned up dead, floating in the fish tank. Very sad. Very flushing sad. You can read more on this distressing episode on my other blog, Colly's Fishes, if you are so inclined.

I received my tenth rejection for Heart of a Child, this time from Fringe Magazine. I'm beginning to think I'm never going to get this one placed. It's one of those stories that no matter how many times I read over it after each rejection, I still cannot see anything worth changing. Some pieces you change each time for the better, bit this - well, it's the perfect story. It's just a bit sad and probably a bit too parochial for some editors, which is why I'm sure it keeps getting booted out. I wish I'd gone with Wildchild - but then the story would have changed, so maybe not.

I received some feedback via email about my book, which made me feel fantastic. I need to boost the promotional campaign; it needs an injection of energy to move it on a bit. I'm going to contact all the places who requested a copy and follow them up. More fliers of course (I do that everywhere I go) and I should probably do another round of targeted press releases sometime, too.

One thing that is pressing is I must contact the Fringe Festival organisers. I want to make sure my plans are acceptable and see if there is anything they can do to help. I'll be on holiday during the first week of this years festival, (couldn't be helped; School holidays and my sister's wedding in July forced the issue), so I have three weeks within which I have to sell copies of my book and market it, and my name, beyond belief.

God, it can sound so intimidating at times.

This cartoon is nothing to do with the fact it is my mother's birthday today. It is pure coincidence I have chosen an image of an old woman for today's chuckle. I only realised after I had chosen it. Honest.

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Colin 10:53 am


LOL at the cartoon today, Col! Tell ye mum happy birthday from a Texas gal. ;) Oh, and I tagged you in my blog entry today.

(PS I need to email you - my friend and I are planning a trip to your lovely country next year!)
You left the house without coffee? If I do that it actually puts all Calgarian's lives at risk! hehe

Happy Birthday, Col's Mom!

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