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Friday, February 10, 2006

I Love Friday's

A bright but chilly morning over the city of Edinburgh this morning; perfect weather for drinking coffee in the open and letting the fresh air work its way into the deepest recess of your lungs.

What with the emergency in the fish tank last night I never got any writing done, but I did get some editing done later in the evening. I have a whole bunch of emails to respond to, which I started working my way through last night. I'm finding it more and more annoying all the spam I get because I fear I'm going to start losing genuine mails in amongst it. It wasn't such an issue before, but now that I am selling books I needs to get emails in and actioned as soon as possible - not when the customer writes back to say what happened to their query. It's not happened yet - it's just a worry that it might.

I feel like I really need a Madness gig to revitalise me. Going to see them play is such a life-affirming experience. It proves that unity amongst all the classes, religions and races can be achieved without prejudice or assumptions. At one of their gigs, Madness ARE the Gods and Ska IS the religion. Skinheads united and at one with the world; what more is their to life?

There are the annual rumours, of course, of a final Madstock festival in London, but we hear these every year. What is more likely is a Christmas Tour, that Suggs has mentioned several times. We wait with baited breath.

I found myself very busy at work; a combination of people being away to Wales for this weekends Six Nations Rugby match against Wales and a major incident with one of the systems we look after. I thought I may have to miss any form of lunchtime drinking but I managed to squeeze in a 40-minute pint with Dave in Clark's before heading back. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's time management!

I managed to squeeze in another few pints with Tom before I headed home for the evening. Gail was spending the night with a friend in Fife so I had the bed to myself. Bliss.

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