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Saturday, February 11, 2006

But Saturday's Are Even Better!

I went mucking around Edinburgh this morning; bookshops, the coffee shop, the aquarium shop - all good stuff and gave me some time to think and relax.

And my day got even more relaxing. For the first time in a serious amount of months, Gail and I had the house to ourselves for a whole day. With Laura out at her Gran's all day and then staying overnight, we totally chilled out and had a great day.

Then later, we got a train through to Glasgow to have dinner with my parents, two sisters and my future brother-in-law.

At one point in the meal, Nolon (future BIL) said he had a question to ask me. It was very serious and his tone caught me off guard. He asked if I would do a reading at my sister and his wedding. But it's not a "reading" as such; it's more of a speech for during the non-religious ceremony.

I was most flattered and taken aback. The wedding preparations are almost complete and so to be asked at this stage was quite a surprise. I had been looking forward to a day of drink and merriment - now I have an awesome responsibility on my shoulders, but one which I shall relish and hopefully, do both Nolon and Fiona proud. I was (and still am) totally honoured and celebrated with a nice glass of Port.

The meal itself was exquisite. Corinthians Restaurant is fast becoming one of Glasgow's best known restaurants and with the standard of food and service you get, it's easy to see why. There was time for a quick whisky in the station bar before we headed back to Edinburgh on the last train (not for the faint-hearted).

But what a day - relaxay-vous with my wife all afternoon and out for a superb meal and drinks at night. It's been a long, long time since we had a day like today.

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