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Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Unexpected Night Out

A day of expectation, un-expectation, coffee and rolls & sausage.

I was quite tired from the previous night; staying up to watch one of my Frasier DVDs did nothing to help my sleep patterns, but who could resist? So I went to work knackered and left early to meet Gail. We sat for a while and had coffee and hot-filled rolls in The Elephant House cafe. Before leaving, I plastered their notice board with fliers for Fringe Fantastic.

Ifound myself having to work round the house for part of the day; washing windows, dusting and all that crap. I hate it but I had a wee night out with a couple of my mates to take my mind off it. IT was only meant to be a couple of opportunistic pints, but as sometimes happens, it didn't turn out that way.

I met up with Craig in The World's End and had a pint. We then moved to The Mitre, Finnegan's Wake and The Last Drop for more drinks before meeting up with Paul who is through in Gullane for the week on a Fire Service training course. Many drinks were had before the firemen trooped off leaving me and Craig propping up the bar as usual. We moved onto another couple of Grassmarket bars and then finished the night in Jackson's - possibly the smokiest bar in Edinburgh I've ever witnessed. I bet the owner (Mr. Jackson?) can't wait for the smoking ban to come into force next month.

I got home around 2am and became immediately became very concerned that I had to get up for work in 5 hours. I knew this might pose a problem, for I was very pished and ever so slightly cheery.

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