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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's Tae Guinness!

Today, I had my first ever proper pint of Guinness.

Many years ago at the start of my drinking career I was handed a can of Guinness on the Saturday night bus into Glasgow city centre. I took a swally and found it not to be of my taste. Later that night, after a particularly heavy session at a now defunct Joe Paparazzi's nightclub, I was sick. Black vomit ensued, and I blamed the end to my otherwise triumphant night out on the Guinness I drank at the start of it.

Over the years I passed through enjoying many different drinks at different times. For a while Lager was my only tipple. Then I moved to 'Heavy' and a fondness for 70 shilling. Later, I would become a fan of Tartan Special and Skol. Eventually I discovered a hankering for vodka in its various forms; long, fresh orange, straight, and in my later years whisky was about all I would touch. I even drank Bailey's regularly at one point and Hooch when it was available. Never once did I return to Guinness.

That was until last night. For a while now I have been becoming, not disenchanted, but looking for something else to drink other than my regular lager. Real Ale and 'Heavy' I had done before, so I wanted something new. Something different. Something refreshing. Something satisfying.

When asked in the past if I wanted a Guinness, I would always reply, "Can't stomach it. But I wish I could."

Not so this evening. I ordered my first fully-fledged pint of Guinness and threw all my old prejudices to the wind. And I'm glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed every drop of it (and the following three pints that quickly followed on).

Here's tae Guinness!

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