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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Piss Poor

All the men's urinals are blocked and the coffee machines are knackered. Such is the total incompetence of the department in charge of these issues, we have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for them to get fixed and up to "standard". At least 24 hours passes before anything is done about it.

If you are dehydrating, tough luck. Stand outside when it rains with your head back and your mouth open.

If you are bursting to go, tough luck. Find a jubilee clip and hope it can stem the flow.

This place is like a prison. They'll be asking us to slop out next!

I couldn't think of anything new to write for my Scruffy Dog Review Blog post, despite scanning all the papers and relevant online journals for inspiration. So I posted a pre-written article on Irvine Welsh; his career so far.

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Colin 12:47 pm


Well, you know, a lack of coffee and bathroom facilities are going to affect the old inspirational process! ;)

The article's great, by the way, and it's always a pleasure to read it.
"Have a seat, Kermit..." LOL! Thanks! I needed that. d:))

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