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Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Silver Moon

The new balance in my diet is leaving me very tired at night but feeling more energetic during the day. I woke up this morning and felt good; not as tired as usual and more focussed. Something is going right but I need to get new batteries for the scales so I can measure where I am. Not that I'm going to publish it here, but when I meet my goal I'll let you in on what I was weight-wise and how much I lost. Then if you really want to know more, I'll let on how I did it. Assuming it works - which it will.

Laura was playing up all morning so I was delighted when Gail took her out to B&Q. I hated those "talks" as a child; they don't seem so long ago but whether they had an effect one can never truly say.

The empty afternoon meant I could stick on the Scottish Cup Final between Celtic and Dundee United in the background, and settle down with the laptop for a couple of sneaky hours writing. Celtic won 1-0 in not much of an exciting game. Funniest moment in fact was Chris Sutton falling on his arse when taking a penalty.

I got a few words down, but not as many as I hoped for, and when Gail returned we had to go out to Safeway to get food. This took almost an hour and when I got back it was almost time to head into work for an evening shift. Good money, but I would rather have been able to go out with Gail somewhere.

Work was as tedious as you would expect it to be on a Saturday night. Nobody wants to be there and everyone is thinking about everyone else who isn't working. The air-conditioning goes off overnight and so the whole office is warm and sticky.

There was also a slight tension in the air with the lad who rang me up the other day to try and make out I hadn't done my job. The tension was caused by an e-mail from his boss who had fallen for his pathetic moans and groans. Unfortunately for him, I dissected the written complaint and threw it back at them both with the backing of everyone else involved. Quote enjoyable actually, and one of my more cutting and unmoveable letters of disgust.

I got home late and had something to eat. I watched a bit of Pulp Fiction on the TV before going to bed, leaving Gail and her pal downstairs to have a drink. I was just too tired to join them. I weighed myself on the way into the sheets - not pretty, and I now know the full extent I have got to go.

The sky was clear and the moon shone through the curtains giving me something spiritual and uplifting to look at. I lay on top of the cool sheets with the window open full to allow the breeze to blow the curtains. Silver wind - very atmospheric, even for Leith.

I love nights like this. The moon staring in, the wind cool but not cold and total silence - a benefit of having an upstairs is you can't hear anything from downstairs. In the distance I cold hear the sound of the city at night and I thought of Glasgow.
Colin 10:22 am


I read your post because of its title "Silver Moon." I write prolific poetry on that topic.

I especially enjoyed the last two relaxed paragraphs of your post. (Blogger isn't allowing me to get into my template. I'll reciprocate linkage when the pipes flow freely.)

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