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Friday, May 27, 2005

Only 3000 Words To Go

My morning email check brought with it a rejection from Spoiled Ink for Loaded. Shame that, because I felt it suited their publication rather well, but obviously not to be.

With an overnight shift tomorrow night I was kept busy in work preparing for it, but come lunchtime I was to be found in Clark's with a pint of iced water. I kept it up for the benefit of the diet. I need to detox for a couple of weeks and give my busy the best chance it has of shedding the excess weight.

The more lager Dave and Tom drank, however, only served to increase the pressure I felt at being the only non-drinker in the bar. I don't know how people can manage to be teetotal. I was staring at pints of lager willing the taste to appear in my mouth. As Tom said, "Beer is fun!"

Big Brother started tonight on Channel 4. Gail loves it, but I am growing ever more against these reality shows. They aren't even real - just a stage to give to some of the worst examples of human beings that exist on the planet.

This week alone, there are three of these shows running consecutively and on cable there are more from America. What with these programmes and the stupid crazy-frog adverts I am beginning to wonder what it feels like to take a sledgehammer to a TV set.

But the Scottish Cup Final is on tomorrow afternoon so I'll keep my rebellion till after that.

Despite a headache from lack of caffeine consumed during the day, I wrote through issue 78 of Hunting Jack. There are three left before I go back to edit and redraft the full 9 issues so it's looking good. I'm not sure if I like it though; it seems as if it might be too predictable but I keep wondering if that is only because I have been thinking about it for 9 months.

I received an email from my editor at KIC threatening to pull Hunting Jack from publication. Eh?!? I know I've been sitting on the contract but only because I have ages to send it in. I then started to wonder if I had maybe missed something about renewing a certain time before the renewal date comes up, but I couldn't be bothered trawling through the millions of emails to try and find it. I'll post it first thing Monday instead.

Colin 2:05 pm


I think I'm finally tiring of the reality shows as well--I mean, how many times can they stick a bunch of people on an island and starve them to death and revisit the whole "Lord of the Flies" thing while we watch?
Boooooooring. I think soon Reality TV will have gone the way of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books...
And GOOD LUCK on those 3000 words!

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