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Monday, May 23, 2005

A Hard Life

Boy, was I knackered when I woke up this morning. I slept long and solid after hitting the hay quite early last night. I must have needed it, thought the rush was on to get into work on time.

Of course when I got there, I released I need not have bothered.

I have decided to start on a fitness programme, designed to lose weight and increase my fitness back up to the levels it should be. Five years ago I ran a half-marathon. Today I would struggle to run down the road to the bus stop.

Out goes bread. It's a major source of my weight-gain and will be the hardest to give up - at the rate I eat it anyway. I'm addicted to fresh bread. I may need counselling.

Out goes lazy foods that are fattening.

In comes more salad, fish, vegetable and rice orientated meals.

In comes exercising.

It saddens me to hear about all the fighting - major fighting with riot police - between Celtic and Rangers fans over the weekend when Rangers pipped Celtic to the title. Unlike the idiots that follow both these teams, I congratulated the Ranger's fans who are my friends. They always did the same for me when it was the other way around.

There are some blogs I have noticed that use the Internet to voice and stir up opinion on this kind of thing, which just makes it worse. Most of it from pillocks who have never been to a game in their life. Having stood on the terraces for the best part of 20 years I know what I know, and I know these people make it worse through their ignorance of what can often be a volatile situation.

I am more and more of the opinion that the Old Firm is more than just a blight on Scotland; it is a cancer. It's the worst kind because it sucks in people from all walks of life, many of whom you might think are stand-up respectable citizens, but underneath it all, despite their ignorance, they are as bigoted as the drunkards in the stadiums.

I'm sick to the back teeth of people jumping on band wagons, crying because their team got beat and telling their kids there is only one way to live next to and hate your neighbour.

When will this country grow up? Ban the Old Firm. C'mon the Buddies!!

I got back on track with Hunting Jack, thought it wasn't easy. It's hard to concentrate with the drilling and sanding coming from upstairs, then when it had all finished Gail and Ian talked for hours next to me. I can't write in the kitchen and I wanted the comfort of the lounge, but this left me in a no-win situation.

I have to write hard this week so I can finish the serial and get it submitted or I fall foul of the contract. I also have to avoid having the wife fall out with me for not paying attention to everything that is going on.

It's hard being a writer.
Colin 1:46 pm


As far as the getting in shape thing, I've started too. It's hard. It's DAMN hard. But you'll feel better. Just take it a day at a time.
My problem is, I *can't* give up fresh bread! (and I bake it myself--might as well slit my throat while I'm at it!)
Good luck with the new regimen. It is HARD. I can't give up cheeseburgers. And I hear ya on the writing thing - juggling familiar obligations and writing is a very difficult job.
Er.. that should have said FAMILY obligations.. sheesh
Good luck!
I'm forever trying to gain weight, but I believe the principal in losing, or gaining, is the same, only opposite. My advice is to make smaller portions. Eat what you crave (within reason), but just less of it. In time, your stomach will shrink, and you will feel full sooner.

And ... and yoga and pilates are great! (jogging sucks , imo).

Good luck!

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