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Friday, May 20, 2005


An interesting day.

Could it be, perhaps, that I am feeling better because it is Friday? Or is it just a coincidence the end of the working week coincides with my feelings of togetherness? Whatever the reason, I'm happy and feeling more jolly than I have done in recent days.

I arrived in work at a suitable time to my schedule and sought to make sure I could get away at a time, also suitable to my schedule. I did this, therefore I consider the day to be a major success.

By 11:55 I was sat in Clark's with a roll and cheese and a pint of Tennent's Lager. This I also consider to be a success. Dave and Tom were already there - they are workaholics you see - and we endeavoured to make the best of our two-and-a-half hour lunch break.

I am trying to get used to the 'form' as published by the Racing Post, but it's not easy. I picked a horse in the 4.20 at Goodwood and even Dave said it might stand a chance. I was all ready to place a fiver on it, when I discovered it was a non-runner. More work required there, obviously.

Dave is thinking about starting to write his novel again, this time in first person. I can't do it. Having tried in various works to write in first person, I have always re-written the pieces in third because of my inability to work it properly. I think I am just better suited to the omniscient third person view when writing.

Tomorrow is the FA Cup Final and Dave was less than confident of being given a "pass" to go to the boozer to watch the game. So in true Scotsman style, he bought a large fillet steak off of a man in the pub for 25 pounds and took it home to Isla. An hour later Tom got a text from Dave to say he would see him tomorrow to watch the match. Wonders will never cease.

I have a train journey booked to Newcastle tomorrow. I'm going to see my mate Craig - my Best Man at my wedding - and do some catching up over a bar somewhere on the East Coast of England. It's about time as we rarely see each other these days.

Tom and me headed to The Shore for a few pints after work. We stopped in Pizza Express for a meal and Tom also showed me his new bachelor pad in Leith. It is a fantastic abode, complete with three bedrooms, a Jacuzzi and large living area. He is getting a pool table for the inset in the lounge, which should prove a major attraction for the lads.

As I write, it is the back of ten. I am shattered and as I am not long in. I am off to shave my head for tomorrow; it has been over a week now due the sunburn I received when drinking in the sun before last week's Oasis concert.

My week has been a disaster on the writing front. I have felt confused, restless and angry for much of it. This weekend, like all weekends I spend with Craig, is all about touching base - returning to zero.

By Sunday I am confident I will be ready to fire on all cylinders. Fingers crossed.
Colin 10:18 pm


I expect it works the same in the UK -- some of the horses listed in the form scratch between the time it's printed and the actual running of the race. Today, especially, it happened a good deal at Pimlico because of the rain.

Glad you're feeling better!
Wow - "a little bar on the East Coast of England." That sounds so...exotic.
Like Jane Austin or the Brontes or Edgar Allen Poe or something.
Me - Sirloin Stockade tonight, $5.95 all you can eat buffet. Can you even remotely picture Edgar Allen Poe scooping up mashed potatoes at the buffet line (which my mom aptly calls "the trough"?)

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