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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Friend Zander

Some of the more observant of you have noticed this logo appear at the bottom of my blog recently:

It is a logo from the Boris Johnson MP website and is concerned with the impending French referendum on the European Constitution. I had to laugh at this most subtle of marketing ploys to persuade the French, to say non to Europe.

I was delighted to read that yesterday, the Planning Committee at the Renfrewshire Council voted in favour of St Mirren's planning applications to have the Love Street site re-zoned for Class 1 retail use and to give them permission to build a new stadium at the Greenhill Road site.

This means the club will be able to pay off its debts and move to a new purpose built stadium. They will survive! If there is to be a farewell match to say goodbye to Love Street then I intend to go. It was the scene of many of my earliest footballing memories.

Here is a blog you should go visit: Good Vibrations by Green-Eyed Lady. It's a wonderful site with some superb images to look at.

Speaking of web sites, it would seem that my friend Z, has fallen out with me over yesterday's comments regarding his website.

Therefore, in the spirit of well-to-do-ness, I have witten a Haiku poem (Haiku has three lines, no title and a syllable pattern of 5-7-5) and would also ask you all to go and have a look at Zander's World.

First, here is the poem:

My friend is Zander
he is as bald as a coot
we could be brothers

And here is his website:

~ link to website removed at requst of owner ~
~ please email for further information ~

Despite there being no statistic generator, he will never know you were there unless you drop him a line. So please do.

Topics of discussion most welcome are: Fingers Piano Bar, Public Schools, Rugger, Games with biscuits, lawn bowling and skiing.

I got a few hundred words written of the next issue of Hunting Jack over lunch, but never got it completed; work took precedence. With snooker tonight I know I'll get nothing done so I'm trying to squeeze as much writing in at odd intervals as I can.

Colin 10:39 am


I was searching your site looking for where I commented, because I must have visited here during an insomniac episode. (I still haven't found my comment, but that's ok because I'm enjoying reading your blog. :)

As I was searching near 4 a.m. here, my green peepers widened in a bleery-eyed double-take because they landed on the kind blue words here in your post. You zapped me! I'm not easily surprised but you pulled that one off with finesse.

This artist/writer deeply thanks you from across the ocean I so passionately love. (My blogname comes from a song referencing the ocean.) Thank you! :)

P.S. I'm saddened to read here of the falling out with your friend and hope that, with time, that is rectified so that both of you are conmfortable again.

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