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Sunday, May 22, 2005

One Year On

A good sleep was followed by a trip to the Little Chef for an Olympic Breakfast. After a relaxing start to the day Craig dropped me off at the station and I enjoyed the peace of the designated quiet carriage for the journey home. I slept most of the way and arrived in Edinburgh at 5pm. I leapt into a cab and found the journey home a bit of a hassle with the closure of the Hibs game at Easter Road turning out thousands onto the streets.

Eventually I made it back and with Gail out with Laura at a party, I chilled out in front of the television with tiredness drawing over from last night. Gail had left me some Indian food for my dinner and I tucked into that then fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. I was just so tired from the weekend but at the same time I felt somewhat renewed. Getting back to ground with my mate has helped. It always does.

Today is the first anniversary of my trip to London to see Madness appear at the Dublin Castle pub. It was one of the best days of my life. There was huge panic over the tickets and flights and with Gail on holiday in Spain I had to beg with my MIL to take Laura for one night.

The whole journey was fantastic. A day spent in the glorious heat of Camden Town, drinking with the band and the man who discovered them. Then crushing into the small back room in the North London pub to see them play songs from what will soon be released in the form of a new album under the guise of The Dangermen.

Before that day on 2004 I thought I had done and seen it all with Madness.

Once upon a time I thought I would never get to see them play at all until I saw them play Edinburgh in 1992.

Then I thought I would never see them in London; until June 96 at Madstock 3.

Then I thought I would never get to meet the band; until February 2000 in the Spread Eagle bar in Camden.

Then I thought I would never get to tour the UK with them; I got to do that several times.

Could it get better, I thought? I couldn't see how. Then the secret Camden gig was revealed and I was one of a lucky handful to get to go.

After the gig, I reflected upon the experience and even now, it still seems like a dream.

Can it get better after May 22nd 2004? I doubt it. I am positive I am now at the summit of my Madness career, for where else is there to go?

If you are in the slightest bit interested in finding out more about this gig, looking at some of the many hundreds of pictures of the day and even some video footage, get yourself over to this website I have been running since 1999, dedicated to Madness.

The Magnificent 7 - Dublin Castle, May 22nd 2004

One year on from the gig and Chris Foreman (lead guitar and co-founder) has just announced his retirement from the band. Could it be possible that not only was I priveleged to see Madness appear at the Dublin Castle, but it could also have been on eof the very last gigs the band will ever play together with all seven original members?

I hope not.
Colin 3:14 pm


I can't believe it mate - I got so swept up in the celebrations yesterday that I forgot to play the CD on the 1st anniversary of the Dangermen gig!
Hey Colin,
You like Madness, by chance?

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