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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not As Easy As X, Y or Z

Laura was off for an in-service day at school so we scheduled the delivery of the flat-packs for her new bedroom furniture to arrive. It came just after half past ten - all 17 boxes of it, some of which were so large I had to transfer to the garage to avoid having to clamber over it to get to the kettle.

With another delivery due that needed signed for (an advance Christmas present for Gail heh), I had to stay in all afternoon. It never arrived - for the second time - so war will be declared on the company responsible tomorrow, because I am not taking another day off for those inadequates.

A friend (we shall call him Z for the purposes of thie blog) has recently been working on a new website and is having some problems with content. He came to me and I tried to help him focus on what he wants his website to actually DO. I've tried getting him to think about what he wants to get out of it, how much work he wants to put into it, what his interests are, and anything to get him to focus on a website that contains more than just pictures of himself out on the piss.

I've tried to help Z, but he won't listen. His website is a nice design - but there is nothing in it that will interest anyone, or at least, make them want to come back. I'm beginning to wonder why Z even want's a website if he has nothing to say on it.

Today Z asked my to put a link from my site to his. I refused in as polite and diplomatic way as possible.

Z went into a huff.

I'ver managed to stay off the bread thus far. Muesli for breakfast and veggie soup for lunch with chicken salad for dinner.

I wrote two episodes of Hunting Jack. They are very rough and need expanded in places with details rechecked and confirmed for their links. That's five issues ot of the remaining nine done. 95% there and the good bits are still to be written.

I'm glad I got two complete tonight because with Ian back from holiday it's back to the snooker club tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to playing again after two weeks off, but it doesn't help my schedul of getting all of the issues finished and polished by the end of the week.
Colin 10:31 am


Kudos to you Colin, at least you CAN say no!!
:-) (Poor Z should get a clue.)

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