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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Trachea Crushing

Can't seem to shake the anger. Well it's not so much anger more a feeling of restriction and suffocation, frustration at - something. I walked to the bus stop in the pouring rain; unceasing since late yesterday afternoon, and while everyone else crouched in the bus shelter I stood proudly outside, allowing the rain to fall on my shiny head, run over me and down my shirt. Well it won't kill me and maybe it will ease the sensations of restriction.

I witnessed the crumbling of what was once an empire. This Company was once a great place to work, so much so I was motivated to the extent that working from 5am to 9pm (including 4 hours commuting a day) was not in question. Now, it is a life-sucking, demoralising, soul-crushing place to be. To say I hate it, would not be doing justice to my feelings. If my company's name were Admiral Ozzel, I would crush his trachea with my mind.

My reason for such mild hostility is that I found out there will be no rotation of staff and I, along with eleven others, are stuck in this role for eternity. Not only that, but at the first team meeting this afternoon, my new team argued for an hour and a half. I sat I silence the whole way through and wondered deeply, on what the reasons are that keep me in such a place.

Couple of new blogs to check out: My pal, Dave, has started one - Happy Rants - fire over and listen to him rant happy.

Also Bobby Mackerel's fantastic,What You Leave Behind. If you like pussy cats, you'll like this!

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is released today and there are parties and celebrations all over the world. In London, Leicester Square is swarming with Storm Troopers and Ewoks, with Vader himself bopping about signing autographs. The Odeon is showing all six films back to back. Not sure I could handle it myself, but it is truly a superb thing. I cannot wait to see the film.

By the time I got home and made dinner, cleaned up and got changed is was almost 10pm so even if I wanted to write, it was too late to start anything. I felt shattered, stressed and just wanting to lie down. So I did.

I watched Question Time on BBC1. It was live from Edinburgh and George Galloway was a guest. It was a good show and I have to admit, Galloway came across quite well in the debate as did Alex Salmon, the leader of the SNP. While I don't particularly agree with either of these men's politics, they are similar to Blair in one respect; they are good, eloquent politicians. Galloway is very compelling and one can't not be impressed by him. If I were his brother, I would be heck of a worried for him, though.

I bet the Tories wish they had people like them on their team. Well they did once - Boris Johnson - but he's in the shadows now since his little misdemeanour. If he became leader I would have to consider joining him purely for the entertainment value.

Bring back Boris!
Colin 11:00 am


I hate those days of feeling trapped. Don't let it make you sick. Do something fun. And start sending out resumes.
Thanks for the mention big man!

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