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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hunting Jack Concludes

We got our first lie-in on a Sunday morning together for months. Peace and tranquillity rarely gets better than not being woken at 6am on a Sunday morning by an 8-year old. I wanted it to last forever, but like all good things, it had to end.

I made Gail breakfast and she went to collect Laura from her Grans then take her out for the afternoon to the park. I tidied up and got the laptop started up for an afternoon of writing. Things at this stage were about as good as I could hope for.

Then Ian arrived - usually not in itself a problem - but he promptly turned off all the electricity, leaving me with no power for the laptop or even to boil the kettle. The entire afternoon was ruined and I got pretty bored and annoyed very quickly. I couldn't even help out as it was all electrical work.

When the power finally came back on I checked my email. I had previously checked with my editor and offered a month's free subscription as a sponsorship prize for the PSH Poetry Contest 2005. The offer was gratefully accepted by the organisers, who are going to send me out more details now that I am on board.

After a salmon steak dinner I got the laptop out and wrote out three issues of Hunting Jack. It was the final three isntallments and it took me until 1am to cmplete. I still have to polish up the last nine issues for the usual things and for consistency, but ultimately, it is all done, complete, finito, fin.

It is a strange feeling. There is no more to be written and the story is now told. It is, in a way, anti-climactic, but at the same time a relief. I have feelings of emptiness and little euphoria. I wonder how I will feel in the morning, because with no more sub-plots to figure out or characters to develop I feel like I am in a void.

It may take time to sink in.
Colin 10:36 am


That's always the most difficult part for me, as a writer. I come to be so familiar and close to my little "family" of characters and when the story is written, I miss them terribly. And then we become estranged after a while. It's sad.
So, what's next? A sequel? Or are you going to take a break from serials?
Congrats on telling your story. That is quite an accomplishment.
Wow! Congratulations. And I'm sure you'll feel separation anxiety for awhile. It's an enormous feat.

You've written a novel.

You did it.

Most people yap about it or dream about it.

You DID it.

That's an enormous achievement.

Oh, and by the way -- great minds and all that --we both had salmon for dinner last night -- guess we needed some brain food! :)
Congratulations on completing Hunting Jack. Before you start anything else, pause for a minute and give yourself a pat on the back!
Congratulations on completing Hunting Jack. What are you going to do now???
Congratulations! That is wonderful, and it sounds like a good book!
You should be proud!
Be sure to do something to celebrate!
Although, I'm reading this marvelous news as a "newbie" here, I'm beaming and exhiliarated by your accomplisment! Mazel Tov! (Congratulations)

I felt the momentum build up to the finish line as you described your electricity being zapped earlier. To pardon the pun, I did feel a surge, a charge of happiness, for you that you were able to forge full-force ahead later.

P.S. I do wish you could have luxuriated longer in the morn. We have children, too. ;) Thank you for spontaneously putting up my link. Hopefully, I'll be inpsired to post more of my other writings and poetry...
Congrats, Colin, on finishing the serial. That's something I, myself, am striving for on one of them. It is an enormous feat and one that not many can accomplish.

I always feel sad after typing "THE END" because those characters story is all told. I suppose that's why I decided to embark on a trilogy (with the novel) becuase I'm not ready to let go of those characters yet (and they have a LOT more story left to be told). But I'm rambling here. I've missed reading my blogs since I was so ill this weekend. :) Congrats again!
Congratulations Colin!

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