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Saturday, April 23, 2005


My body clock is well and truly screwed. I woke at about 1pm after 5 hours sleep and felt strangely awake and refreshed. Fooled by this strange feeling of energy abundance I got up and had my lunch.

Gail had been busy all morning and I felt a bit guilty but then I did work during the night. She left for a lunch date with her girl pals up in a restaurant near the Royal Mile and on the way got caught up with the traffic congestion caused by some bloke offering to kill himself by leaping off the North Bridge. I'm not sure what happened yet.

Laura spent most of the afternoon playing on her bike playing with newly adjusted brakes. Apparently last night when she was out, her wee fingers couldn't get to the brakes in time and she smacked into the next door neighbours parked car in the street. She was fine, but when we Gail answered the door the neighbour to tell her about the dent and scratch in her 4-day old car, things took a turn.

Laura was inconsolable and offered to pay for the damage. I told her we could try and find her a paper round but it would take her a while to raise the money so we would cover the cost for now - kidding ;-).

My energy started to lag drastically the more the day wore on and I got nothing done about the house. When Gail came back she noticed and I don't think she was too impressed because she had brought back her pal Kelly to my surprise.

They sat in the conservatory with wine for most of the night while I wrote. I am in urgent need to get Hunting Jack closed off; mainly because the story needs attention, but also because I am only a couple of issues ahead of my first subscribers.

I did an update to my website, in readiness for the Brick by Brick chapbook and the front cover is now viewable. On May 1st the book will be available.

Be evening I was shattered from yesterday's strenuous efforts so I bid goodnight to Gail and Kelly and hit the hay.
Colin 11:46 pm


A PAPER ROUTE? Aw, Colin, you're mean. (JUST KIDDING, of course!)
But what a funny story - you ought to try to publish this.
Poor Laura! Hope she feels better soon.

Re: North Bridge. Every time I'm over there, somebody's threatening to jump or actually jumps from that bridge. It happens a lot, doesn't it?
Poor Laura. I hope the neighbor wasn't too cross with her.

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