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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Greasing The Wheels

The sun was shining through the curtains today as I woke on my first day back to work. I got ready and made coffee (I can have my coffee maker and grinder out full-time now we have a big kitchen) then left the house for the first time to go to The Place of Sapping Souls.

I had a lot of catching up to do and a couple of meetings for impending weekend implementations so was kept busy most of the day. I couldn't resist thinking about the house and looking forward to getting back to it. I feel like a kid who gets their birthday dream present in the morning then has to go to school without it. Going home is so much fun!

When I got home I started working to clear out the mess left over from the empty boxes lying around. I did some other jobs and before I knew it the time had gone 9pm.

I got my laptop out and tried to write for the first time in five days. It wasn't easy. I haven't written or even thought about anything to do with writing for days. No character or story ideas, no poetry, no thoughts as to plot advancement of Hunting Jack - nothing. All I have had in my mind is the house move.

This seems to have had a negative effect and although I wrote out my blog easily enough, I seem to have got rusty very easily. Last week I was consumed with word by word analysis of my poetry and fiction. This week, I cannot get the flow started again.

Eventually, my mind slowly started coming round and I ground out the re-edits to three poems for the Brick by Brick chapbook. I need to get this in by the end of April and so I completed it for preparing into a final pdf tomorrow.

Of the goals I set out to complete by the end of last week, the following were achieved:

* first draft of the sitcom scripts written - not done
* several issues of Hunting Jack complete - 2 written
* first edit of my short story, The Dictionary - done
* first draft of the new story, Whisky Snatching - half-done
* resubmitted A Bond of Faith and The Oasis - done

This week I really must try and get back into the routine. Balancing it all with the commitments to the new house is going to be hard but it MUST be done. I cannot let slip all the good work I have got through and want to do. I have to keep a balance while at the same time putting my back into the task of making a nice home for my family.

It's a great situation to be in. If only I had more time and money!
Colin 11:09 am


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