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Monday, August 23, 2004

Not A Lot Of Anything

Today there was much excitement in the office. A new tea/coffee machine was installed to replace the old decrepit one. This one not only has added features like being able to increase/decrease the amount of milk or sugar you want, but it also serves up espresso, hot chocolate, hot milk and my favourite...cappucino! Yay!! It took five (5) men to install it, but I think four of them were just there as protection against us lot lynching them at the time it took to get us a half decent drinks dispenser in this place.

Not heard back from any of my submissions as yet. I am slowly falling into a state of procrastination which I think is due to the weekend of relaxation I had. Well that and the CD I got recorded from the sound deck at a secret gig I went to in May by one of the world's biggest bands - Madness! I've had it on repeat for some time now.

It's not like I do not have enough idea's or projects on the go. I just feel quite exhausted today. I couldn't even be bothered cooking so we got a chippy instead. Total greed but sometimes it's good to just sit back with a fish supper and a can of Irn Bru and watch a bit of telly. I got bored though and performed some much needed maintenance on my computer. It is five years old now and really struggling. I freed up 5 gig's of space (50%) and did a bit of reorganisation of the disk space. If it weren't for the laptop I have at home supplied by my work for when I am on standby, I think it could annoy me even more the lack of speed and functionality the PC is now displaying. It will soon be time for a new one - I think I may even get a laptop - but I really need to get a CD writer to dump all my vital data onto. It's all backed up on floppy but some of the research documents I have are too big even for a floppy disk.
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