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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Abducted By Aliens

What a day!

Unbelievably I actually had some work to do today and so got nothing done at all during the day remotely realted to anything other than mainframe computers. Very tedious and very unchallenging.

On my way home I could have sworn I had fallen asleep at my desk, been abducted by aliens, dropped into the sea by the east coast of the US (when they realised I wasn't worth it), and then swam to the nearest shore. I say this because everyone I passed along George Street was American! It was unbelievable - every group that was either walking, standing, queuing or running was speaking in an American accent. I hope they are enjoying the weather now which has improved dramatically since last week.

At home, it was hard concentrating due to ongoing work in our kitchen. I persevered though, and when I got used to the banging and sawing I managed to get out a 3000 word story which I have called Facing The Music. It isn't finished yet, I just ran out of time but will get the rest of it down maybe on Sunday but definitley Monday. My space bar isn't working some of the time which is really annoying when I have to keep going back to seperate words. Might take the hoover to it later.

This weekend see's me and Gail going up to St. Andrews for a long weekend on our own to celebrate our first year of marriage. Seclusion, calm, relaxing - I can't wait. I bought a bottle of Moet and Chandon which I am going to stun her with on the beach with a couple of champagne flutes. Shucks - what an old romantic! So no Blogs till Sunday y'hear! :-)
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Happy anniversary, Colin! :-)

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