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Monday, August 16, 2004

A Night Off

Congratulations to me! Today is my first wedding anniversary to Gail. It's been a long journey, but it's been worth it! As a result, no writing will be occurring tonight. I shall instead, for want of a better phrase, be "making the wife happy"! We are going out for a few drinks (midweek - I know!), and a nice meal tonight. It's the same hotel restaurant we had our reception in twelve months ago. It's a wonderful place overlooking Edinburgh Castle at the height of the Grassmarket. Then this weekend we are off to St. Andrews in Fife for a proper celebration. Just the two of us. No kids. No nothing. Bliss.

So due to all this, I did some submitting this afternoon from work.

'Who Am I' and 'Eight Forty One' to, which promptly bounced back with an unrecognised mailbox. Tut! I'll find somewhere else for these.

Above two poems then submitted to Caffeine Destiny - an Oregon, US based e-Zine.

'Missing Out', 'Limbo', 'Asphyxiation', 'Clouds' and 'Frustrating Facilitators' to the Edinburgh City Council's Green Shoots Magazine - published in all the districts libraries. I wasn't going to sub 'Frustrating Facilitiators' at all, but I thought it might get a laugh seeing as it's about their buses! I had trouble subbing to them also, but the editor got back to me immediately when she saw my mail blocked by their filter, and so I shall hope for some progress here.

That's me got just about all my "submittable" poems out on submission now. Fingers crossed.
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