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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A Comedy Of Erros

French vino really is the best - at giving you a sore head that is! Had a great time last night; most romantic, and very strange to be back in the place where we had our Wedding Breakfast with all those people a year ago. The Tattoo played in the background followed by fireworks - but that's a story for another Blog!!

First day back at school today (thank God), and Laura is now into Primary 3 - which also means the homework is going to intensify. We shall see how she handles it. She looked great heading off in her brand new uniform, though I wish someone would invent scuff-proof school shoes. They never last more than a fortnight.

All of my colleagues called in sick this morning so I was left covering all the work, phones and meetings. To pile more pain onto my predicament, the toilets were flooded, and the coffee machine out of cups. To top it all off, the cough medicine I bought yesterday decided to leak all over the inside of my desk drawer covering some papers, my wallet and some discs in a thick sticky goo. Oh what a wonderful place this is. If I was in the jail I would get better treatment than this and I wouldn't have to pay tax.

Over lunch I printed off The Choppers and Bill McCarthy, went over them with a red pen and redrafted them both when I got home. It took me most of the evening so I shall submit them tomorrow from work. The rest of the evening I worked on my novel. I was at 40k but after removing several flashbackscenes I was down at 36k. I'm now back to 40k and with a couple of sub-plot extensions that (I think) move the main plot along I reackon it's about 55% complete. I think the final word count for this is going to end up at about 80-90k but there is going to be a LOT of editing required on this so who knows.

I also spent much of the afternoon updating my Submission spreadsheet and adding more publications for sending stories and poetry to which kept my mind off the fact that today is yet another anniversary for me. Six (6) years ago I started work in here. I think I now offically qualify as "part of the furniture"!
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