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Saturday, August 14, 2004

New Reading And New Ideas

I read somewhere that to be a good writer you must also read, read, read. I try to, but finding the time isn't always easy. When I am not working on the day shift I am raising a child and trying to do it in such a way that my wife isn't led into thinking she has two children in the house and not just one. So when I do get spare time, I like to write. I have to write. Nevertheless I do manage to get through my fair share and over the last few months I have been reading a lot by Paul Auster. I have mentioned him before and this afternoon I was on Borders over at Fort Kinnaird flicking through more of his work. They have it all and it is always a problem to know what to get. I plumped for The Art of Hunger which is a collection of essays, prefaces and interviews as well as an autobiographical account writing. Having just read a couple of his novels, as well as starting to re-read Hand To Mouth I will not start it until I have read the other book I got today. Paul King has a new book out called The Prison House, and although I hadn't seen it advertised anywhere, it was with great delight that when I checked under 'K' (I do it every time) I saw a new title staring back at me. This will be my next intake of fiction - starting in five minutes when I finish this.

The shopping spree wasn't all as much fun as this however. Gail decided it was about time I got some new jeans and clothes for Laura goinginto Primary 3 so I had to wait about for ages while she sidled through every clothes shop there was. Luckily, I had purchased the books forst so I flicked through them while I waited.

My kitchen is being rennovated at this time and is out of order until the new sink goes in. This also meant no water in the house for several hours which in turn meant no coffee. I was not happy but made do with Irn-Bru - God's answer to hangovers.

With Gail out for the evening I got down to some writing and redrafted Bill McCarthy. I also got down two early drafts of another couple of short stories which I am going to complete before going back to Bill. It's a definite for submitting - I really like it. I haven't heard back from any of my subs at all but the Pudding House poems were sent from my work e-mail so if there is anything I won't pick it up until Monday.

Last night proved very fruitful also. As well as there being a free bar until 9pm (I got there at five!) I met with an old pal who is just back from a tour of Europe. Oh some of the tales he told which thankfully, he did nearer the start of the night. I felt like a dodgy detective as I nipped to the toilet every so often, locked myself into a cubicle and got out my notepad to record them for use at a later date in a story.

Finally, I'm praying for everyone in Florida and the east coast of the US as Hurricane Charley makes it's way north. I have some friends over the pond there, and hopefully this storm will make another sudden turn and head out into the Atlantic to die off.
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