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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Frenetic Writing

Got some major writing down today.

Apart from when I had to go and pick up my new cooker, I got a whole day's writing down - 12 hours in total. It felt good. It was tiring. It was extremely satisfying. Spending so long really allowed me to get inside the characters of my book. They need help a lot of the time - they are misfits generally anyway - but they continue to surprise me and at times I feel as if I am only the custodian, and it is they who are writing this book, not me.

As well as work on my novel, I polished the short story called 'Bill McCarthy'. It's almost ready for submitting but I shall print it off first and go over it at lunch for a final review. I like to see something on paper first because sometimes it is not possible to see glaring discrepancies on a screen that somehow appear when black on white.

'The Choppers' was also put to bed. A short story about a gang of young lads in the eighties during the summer holidays. I'm think a series with this one....KIC? Hmmm - simmer down Col you ain't that good.
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