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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sub, sub, sub!

I submitted Bill McCarthy to Gorlan Publications and The Choppers to The Summerset Review from work, and both via email. Gorlan looks quite good in fact as they either accept outright, offer feedback with a view to re-writing then accept, or send an outright rejection. They do this within 7 to 10 days for all correctly formatted ms's. The story I sent them seems to fit with the kind of thing they are looking for. Summerset I am not sure about, but I sent the ms anyway and as they wanted a blurb I sold it to them as a 'Scottish Tom Sawyer'. Again, we shall see.

With all the submitting over the past few days I have not managed to get into John King's new novel I got at that the weekend so I shall have to try and make time.

To summarise my submission position:

2 short stories to Writing Magazine
1 short story to Sol Magazine
1 short story to Gorlan Publications
1 short story to The Summerset Review
1 short story to the Bridport Competition
5 poems to Greenshoots Magazine
3 poems to The Poetry Kit
3 poems to Zygote In My Coffee (love that name!)
2 poems to Caffeine Destiny

I feel good! Yeah! I knew that I would! Yeah!
Colin 12:58 pm


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