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Friday, August 13, 2004

Lucky For Some

I had a wonderful sleep last night. The steak dinner and cup of tea really made me feel wholesome again and when I woke this morning I was full of vitality and freshness. Which really annoys Gail, particularly when she got in at 3am after going to the pub with her pal! Oh the trials of married life.

I'm getting sick of the rain. It won't stop and another hurricane (Charley) is about to hit Tampa, Florida and the west coast of the peninsula. My yongest sister is currently holidaying in the Dominican Republic and I'm praying it doesn't hit the island or any of my forum buddies. I've been watching Yahoo! Weather and it has been thunder and rain constantly since she arrived with no end in sight. Bit like Scotland really.

I started reading Paul Auster's autobiography, 'Hand To Mouth', again last night. Normally I don't re-read books but I have two reasons for doing so, 1) It is a fabulous book, 2) I read on the BBC Radio 2 website that an interview with him is to be aired on September 5th where he talks about his life and one of his novels, 'The New York Trilogy'. I really enjoy his work, and I really admire his style. I take so much from his methodology that it really inspires me. There are always so many subtle points that make up the book and they make me think hard about my own life as a writer.

At work I completed 'A Bond Of Faith' after receiving some crits from the forum. I was ready to scrap this story - maybe I should have more faith in myself in future. After a redraft I printed it out and sent it as a hard copy submissions to 'Sol Magazine'. I also got down an entire 2500 word story called 'Bill McCarthy' which I am confident about being publishable. I needs a bit more work on it and it will be polished tomorow ready for being sent out.

I'm really enjoying my writing at the moment. I can't remember being so involved in everything that I am working on, and the confidence to do more and more and submit more and more is growing. A lot of it is to do with the forum - there are so many expreienced and talented writers there and their feedback is always constructive - good or bad. It all helps improve oneself and that can't be a bad thing.

I wrote this Blog while still at work today because I have a night out after work for one of my mates who was thrown onto the pile of redundants recently. I'm just about to head off happy that I got through so much writing today. Had I not I would have been peeved since I won't be doing anything tonight. In saying that, nights out in Edinburgh are always interesting and I know in advance that I am guaranteed to get some new idea for a story or character I can use.

PS - I didn't know what to call today's Blog, so as it's Friday the 13th I went with a giant pun!
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