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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Great Day

Things just get better and better. It seems the God's are favouring us at the moment because as I was leaving for work the postie arrived. She had a letter for my wife, and in it is the details of her new offer of employment at a brand new company, brand new salary and brand new career path. In other words, she's outta here! (yes - ironically she works for the same company as me!)

I rang her as she was already in the office and the excitment was palpable. This gives us even more reason to celebrate next week when we go away for our first anniversary.

The delight that engulfed me this morning took away from the fact that I am now craving coffee - particularly that first one early morning. It's doin' ma' heid in man!! Veg and fruit is great, but this detox plan (badly needed I know) is not easy. Still, onwards and upwards eh?

Speaking of which, I have had movement on the submission front. After e-mailing a gentle query to Pudding House, Jennifer got back to me first thing (07:30 her time) with the go-ahead to fire across a couple of poems by e-mail. I had to do it immediately as there are reasons. Very short message but I followed the instructions to a T and Robots and Clouds are now in their hands. I await with anticipation.
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