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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No Title's Please - We're British!

Today was a very mundane kind of day which is why I came up with the title - couldn't think of a more precise one.

Today I went to work.

While there, I did no work.

Then I returned home.

I typed more words into my laptop. The novel grows, but I am becoming disenchanted with it. It's nowhere near tight enough, the dialogue isn't cutting, and it needs the plot made more clear. I have to keep reminding myself that this is only the first write of my first novel, and that it will require a lot of rewriting. This is one of the main reasons I write short stories; as well as being fun and a joy to do, they also help me hone my editorial skills. Transferring this to a larger piece of work is a lot harder though, and getting the balance right will require a long painstaking effort. Not that I am complaining - I wish I had more time to spend on it, but what with life as it is, sometimes it can become frustrating trying to find the time to sit and write undisturbed.

Colin 1:06 pm


Are you about in the midpoint of your novel? I usually suffer from something I call "Middle Sag" and I don't mean my waistline!

I become disenchanted around the middle of the piece, second-guessing myself and internally moaning about how much of a rewrite it needs.

Keep going. Push yourself every day. Once you hit the final third, you'll pick up speed.

If you start to go back and edit, you'll bog down.

I learned the hard way -- I have several abandoned projects that are lying about like junked cars because I didn't heed my own advice during "Middle Sag."
Devon - you hit the nail on the head. I had heard about "middle sag" and never thought that this could be what was happening. I'm just past the half way point (on my A3 map I am anyway), and yes - I have been going back and editing what is there already; removing chunks and rewriting passages. SO much in fact, I have bugun to confuse myself which isn't helping.

Your advice reminds me of something someone once said to me; "Writing is like pottery - get all your words on paper and that is your lump of clay. Then start the table, and mould it, pick at it, smooth it until you have the perfect clay pot."

Thanks for the advice!

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