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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Twists and Turns

Never made it up this morning for the penultimate day of NaNoWriMo. I stayed up way too late last night when I began watching some documentaries on TFM about Jackass as part of the promotion for the upcoming release of the movie sequel. I know it's not everyones cup of tea, but I've never laughed so hard to the point of vomiting as I did when I saw the first one. I'm ashamed that I find the humour in it, but c'est la vie - laughter is good for you. It is who I am, and it is therefore the beauty that is me.

The worst thing about daughters is the indignity of having to purchase concert tickets for bands such as Girls Aloud. Just when I thought that taking her to see Madness in Glasgow next month as a core part of her musical training would finally turned her, I still find myself clicking on the BUY button next to bands like this. What's the world coming to?

Speaking of this years Madness Christmas tour, I see that Birmingham, Bournemouth and Brighton are all sold out, and that Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester have all had their capacity's increased to cope with the demand for tickets. The boys are still the best and still as popular as ever among the nation's hearts through all generations. Great to see!

I was approaching the 66k mark with Slick when I hit a major problem. My original plan for the ending has somewhat fallen by the wayside, but I had a general idea of where the story was going to go. This, I was using to gently steer the plot towards its final goal.


I realised that where I was could actually provide the story with an amazing twist - one that I never even saw coming until now - but by doing so it would cut the story short by about 20-30k. Even taking Devon's excellent comments in from yesterday's post into account, I still think it would be a problem with regards to the overall quality of the story.

What I mean is, I'm not worried about being short of words after the advice, but I am worried that being that far short and diverted from the original idea, might harm what I'm trying to do. I dropped the final estimated word count by 10k on my Zukoto meter to reflect this.

So I began writing about it here in my blog to try and clear my mind and see the real issue as it might be. And as I typed these very words, it came to me. Use the twist you just thought of, but alter it to encompass your original ending and make it much more exciting. You dick!.

So that's what I did. And it's waaay better than I planned. Once I began following the idea, I had to force myself to stop writing. A lot of people have uploaded their manuscripts already to avoid the final day rush, but I just can't resist going for the 70k. I hope it doesn't backfire on me and the servers don't crash.

I also realised that the reason I want this story to go on, is that I'm enjoying writing it so much. I'm enjoying the exploration and the twists, the discoveries and characters. I don't want it to end. But it has to. I can feel the pinch of the great void that comes after a major piece of work coming already. The addiction has to be fed, but there has to be reflection as well. I have to keep learning and growing.

NaNo words today: 2982

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Colin 9:21 pm


I'm finding it hard to let go of Morag and Simon, even though I know we'll spend a lot of time together in the edit!

Your new twists sound great!

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