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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mr Forgetful

I made it through yesterday without incident. There were a couple of scary moments when I thought Death might be close. Like when I banged my hip into the photocopier narrowly missing something more vital. Or when some cheese fell out of my sandwich and landed on my shoe while having lunch at my desk. Or when a little old lady barged into me in the street, shouting, "sorry sonny!" with her arms aloft, before carrying on headfirst into the icy wind. But in the end there was nothing worthy of the Reaper. Life, it would seem, goes on regardless.

I was in such a mad rush to get to work this morning that I made a couple of major boobs. First, I turned up for my 9.30am meeting - just as everyone was coming out. The meeting, I found out, was actually at 9am, and I had missed it.

Then as I was apologising profusely for my poor time keeping, I realised I had neglected to put on my tie as I rushed out the door that morning. Age, and the effects of it, escapes nobody.

Work was hectic. We have some major problems in all sectors that are piling up and we do not have the time or resource to handle them all. So we're prioritising, but it all means that I'm losing lunch break time to write.

It was late in the evening before I could even do what work I could manage on Slick. I had to attend a quiz night at Laura's school. The highlight was the pre-advertised "free refreshments" that was shown in the ticket we had to buy. I was expecting a choice of tea or coffee and maybe some sausage rolls. What did we get? Cartons of fresh orange juice (strictly one per person) and a choice of Chocolate Bourbons or Custard Creams (strictly one per person). I had a Custard Cream. Then waited till it was over.

I got home about 9pm with my back sore from having to sit on wee plastic seats for the duration, so I tried to write what I could on the next chapter. I struggled mentally to get into the flow and gave up after half an hour, deciding to get out a book and do some reading instead. An early night means i can get up early tomorrow and steam ahead with the novel.

I have now fallen behind and am glad I've completed NaNo. But I am in danger of letting it all fall by the wayside if I don't get sharp about this. I won't get anything done this weekend as I am going away, so I need to write 5,300 words tomorrow to make up for it. All I need is a good start of about 2k before 9am.

It's been done before!

NaNo words today: 705

NaNoWriMo Progress

Colin 9:59 pm


53k! Your Nano progress is fantastic.

Good luck reaching your goal.

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