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Monday, November 20, 2006

NaNoWriMo Is A Done Deal

When I woke it was raining heavily, just as it had been when I went to bed last night. Luckily, it stopped just before I left for work and didn't start again until I reached the front door of the office. How's about that for luck?

I had an excellent morning, managing to get down over three thousand easy flowing words before it even hit the afternoon. This left me with only about 1500 to go to reach the NaNoWriMo finishing line. The flow was so good I had to stop myself from writing just to get the bus into work. It was then I thought today might be the day.

But then I hit a snag. I uncovered a loose thread in the plot, pulled it and unravelled a chunk out of the finely patterned fabric. So close to the target and I had a problem! I had to think about it and it meant going through the plot, using my imagination and logic circuits to the max.

I needed a link between the body found at the foot of Arthur's Seat, Ronnie Glover, and DI Lennox still down in London. I needed to get Lennox up the road to join the murder investigation running in Edinburgh. So I wrote this blog entry in the hope of sparking a thought. Nope. Nothing.

It hit me later on I the day. Of course! It all made sense later on after a break. I couldn't wait to get home and get typing. I thought about it some more to make sure no silly threads were left dangling in the breeze and it seems water tight. I'll recheck it when it comes round to the next draft though, but in the meantime it works and seems to fit like a glove so I'm happy.

I got totally drenched on the way home. Horizontal rain and gale force winds made it a nightmare hourney back to Chez Galbraith. I started writing when I got in and before long, the magic 50,000 mark was almost upon me. The atmosphere was electric as I approached the line, and then crossed it be by a mere 3 words at the end of a sentence.

On the 25th of the month we get to upload our final manuscripts for confirmation and get our winners badges for the websites. I'll keep writing to the 30th and see what I end up with after a full month. According to my planner, at my budget of 2k per day, I should reach about 67,000.

But for now I must take stock and start thinking about the next 50,000, which I have estimated is required in order to finish the novel. So I have to keep going. Maybe not at the same pace as NaNo, but who knows. If I can get this manuscript drafted for the end of the year I'll be well chuffed.

NaNo words today: 4941

NaNoWriMo Progress

Colin 9:27 pm


Congratulations, Colin! That's grea news!

I'm planning to write until the 30th, too, and then upload that morning, when I finish the day's pages.
Colin, a brilliant achievement. Well done. I'm looking forward to reading the finished product.

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