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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pot Holes and Passion

Magnificent effort today on the old writing front, even if I do say so myself. I got off to a flyer before dawn, kept it going through my lunch break and followed it up with a final spurt in the evening. I broke 64k and things are looking good on the word count side of things.

On the plot side of things, the flower bed doesn't look quite so rosy. I'm discovering lots of loose ends, holes in the main and sub-plots and discrepancies between foundations I laid earlier on in the manuscript to what is happening now.

It's nothing I can't fix, and indeed when I go back to edit, these are the details I will have to double and triple check anyway, but it's annoying nevertheless. There are some glaring holes with police procedures and forensic stuff, all of which are building into long lists with which to approach the Police service with, and there is still the worry that I am going to run to the end of the story before I reach the 100k point.

It's all part of the novel writing process, so worry doesn't come into it. I'm looking forward to finishing the first draft and then after the new year, starting the first redraft with all these 'problems' incuded.

Later in the evening I felt able to finally get back to some of the other stuff I planned for myself this month. I'm glad I cleared my plate for the month otherwise this NaNo thing could have been an even tougher ride, but there are still some must-do's that can't escape my attention.

I updated my website - nothing major just a few wee changes - and then I went on search for a new font to be used in Poolside Poetry. Remember that? It's my new book due out shortly but I have still to choose the final front cover and font! The font change was a late decision - but the right one. I just didn't like the one I had picked originally. It has to be right otherwise what's the point?

Then I listened to some Blockheads and ordered some Chrimbo presents online. December is almost here, after all, and time waits for noone.

NaNo words today: 4019

NaNoWriMo Progress

Colin 8:51 pm


Absolutely great work!

Also, remember, just because you estimated the draft would come in at 100K, doesn't mean it has to. For the type of novel you're doing, 85K would be the minimum, 90K a good fit, too.

Also, even if you come in a little short this time, as you do the edits, the second draft will probably expand, and then you'll have to decide on cuts.

So don't worry if the 100K isn't exactly where you originally planned.

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