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Friday, November 17, 2006

Long Day

Does anyone actually give a shit about Tom Cruise getting married? I woke up to it all over the news this morning on the TV, radio and again in the morning papers. Wow! How could I ever have made it to work without knowing all about it?

And why are these two old ladies walking about robbing people? What on earth is the world coming to?

My worries about a new temporary place to drink when my office is shifted to the west end were put in their place this morning, when it came to my attention I will be working within a short distance of the Oxford Bar. It's not as close as Clark's is to my current location, but at least I'll have a good bar that I can drink in until I return. No doubt there will be Fridays where I do make the journey back down the road to Clark's to partake in a Friday afternoon sesh, because needs must and old habits die hard.

Today was an extremely long day. Up at 5am and wrote just over 2k before daylight, but by lunchtime I was lagging severely. The afternoon dragged and dragged and I was downing strong coffee just to stay awake. It didn't help that I was the only person in from my team today so I was covering the lot - and there turned out to be a lot to cover. By mid-afternoon the headache had arrived of course and I had to lie down for a bit when I got home. Coffee lesson learnt.

I brought the rabbits and the Guinea pig in for the first time this winter. It was so cold outside I couldn't have left them outside and not worry about them all night. So I stuck Mopsy and Pippin in their original indoor run for the night and constructed a makeshift den for Millie out of a large cardboard box.

Only then could I relax and hit that sack that had been waiting for me all afternoon.

NaNo words today: 2376

NaNoWriMo Progress

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The Oxford is a grear bar. I think John Gates has retired, but is still around sometimes. Enjoy!

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