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Sunday, May 14, 2006


I got to bed at 4:15 in the morning last night and yet found it difficult to catch up with my sleep. Well, an out-of-time internal body clock and the fact Laura was having screaming tantrums out in the front garden didn't help either. That was the first thing I heard when it woke me up. Easy like a Sunday morning?

The new bunnies made it through the night peacefully and seem to be settling in fine. They don't mind being handled but I don't want to overstress them by getting them out of the cage all the time. Once they get used to us they'll be more confident, but you can see it growing already just by spending time with them.

We had them in the conservatory bounding around, sniffing the air and the walls and generally looking like cute little balls of fur. It's great to have them in the house. I feel really happy.

We also decided on names for them. And so with no further ado, I'd like to introduce you to:



I wanted to post a picture of Gail holding Pippin but she wouldn't let me. Even though it's a really great picture of my wife holding a tiny wee bunny, she thought it too intrusive because our kitchen hasn't been fitted yet and nobody is to see until it's done.

Maybe I'll post a picture of us on our wedding day. She's never looked finer than she did on that day, I can tell you.

Mopsy and Pippin

Mopsy next to a mug to give an idea of size

Giving Mopsy a stroke

Giving Pippin a stroke

It was raining while these pics were getting taken so I'll get some pics of Milly all on her own and post these later.

On a literary front I edited three more chapters of Stella, but that's about all I managed to get through. Tidying the house took up the afternoon gaps and I never managed to get the manuscript out in between hovering, cleaning and making dinner.

A man's work is never done!

Colin 11:24 am


They are so cute!
To continue my comment from last entry Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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