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Saturday, May 13, 2006

48 Hours

I woke up feeling awful and suffering more than I have after a bevy for a long time.

There were many blanks and many utterings like; "oh no!" or "oh dear!"

I had blue ink all over my face and I found a replica of a Hollywood Oscar trophy in the inside pocket of my jacket.

Who? Why? Who knows!

Just as I was contemplating some form of sustenance to line my aching stomach, which was heaving in all directions not knowing quite what to do with itself, Gail took a message off our answer machine.

An afternoon lying on the couch to give my ailing body, while watching the Scottish Cup Final on the telly and sipping lots of nice hot cups of tea with the odd digestive biscuit, came to a crashing end.

A few weeks ago when I realised we would have a spare hutch in the house, I suggested to Gail we put it to good use. We registered with a specialist farm in Fife for mini-lop rabbits and the man had called this morning to say he had four baby mini-lops ready today and did we want them.

Within half an hour Laura had been dropped off at a birthday party and we were winging our way over the Forth road bridge into the Kingdom of Fife. When we got to Anstruther an hour and a quarter later, we found four 8-week old mini-lops waiting to see us. One black, one white, one light grey and one dark gray. After much deliberation we took the two latter ones, both female and both the most gorgeous little bundles of fur you are ever likely to set eyes on.

We got them home and Laura was delighted. We told her there would be a surprise waiting after her party and she had managed to narrow it down to either a bouncy castle for the back garden or a swimming pool! She wasn't as excited as I was expecting, (I think the novelty of getting Milly saw to that) but she still loves them. I got their cage ready - they are going to take Milly's old hutch in the corner of the kitchen where Milly used to be.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow once I've taken them.

I had no time to properly get freshened up or get dinner by the time I had to go to work, so I went to work via the fish and chip shop. I bought a fish supper and two cans of Irn-Bru and ate while sitting at my desk working away. Why two cans? Because of the crappy air-conditioning meant the temperature at work was over 70 degrees after such a roasting hot day. And it was meant to rain today, as well!! So much for that. It could have done with a refreshing downpour.

At work I had a lot of time to wait after implementing new software before the testers had completed, so I edited chapter 19 through to 22 of Hunting Jack. By 4am I was totally shattered and delighted to get to bed. It's been a hectic 48 hours.

Colin 6:19 pm


Awww - those rabbits sound like adorable pets! I am curious, though - are mini-lopps like supertiny rabbits, or what? I've never heard of them!

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