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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dancing With The Oldies

When I wrote last night's blog entry it was about 10pm and I was planning on doing just the one chapter of Stella before hitting the hay. As it turned out, I worked until 2am completing the second draft of Stella and bringing the net word count to just over 15k.

A lot of the ties have been made, and some major chopping and rearranging had to be done to work them in. This I have found to be harder than normal, because it has to stick with the story I feel is being told through the songs from the original album, as well as the mood of each song. It's vital each track comes across in each chapter in mood and feel. Not as easy as it sounds.

All that remains is the final tie between the prologue (set at the end of the story) and the final chapter. The two points in time are where the circle meets and they have just missed each other slightly when the circle has come round. It's like trying to draw the perfect circle by hand.

So despite the late night I was up early and away into town as per normal for a Saturday. With Laura at dancing I had to get myself some new brogues for a party in the evening. Gail's Uncle is retiring from the Fire Brigade, and this is the family side of the celebration. Needless to say there will be lots of firemen there so I had to accompany her to make sure everything remained calm.

I got some new socks and a pair of trousers while I was at it. God, I hate clothes shopping. It was the quickest sale the bloke in the shop has ever had. I was in and out like lightning; the best way to shop for clothes I feel.

I popped into the pet shop and checked out all the rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs etc. then into the aquarium shop on Leith Walk to have a gander. There was nothing exciting in stock, so I left empty-handed.

I spent the afternoon with a print out of Stella and started editing from paper. Then it was off to the Northfield Hotel on the other side of Edinburgh. As retirement bashes go it was quite good. It was quite an emotional night for the man who was retiring after a career in the Fire Service. There was a lot of family there and a lot of colleagues he served with from the distant past.

I had a thirst on and was first up on the dance floor dancing 1970's style to Disco Inferno. Gail was not amused. I half expected it to be an OAP melee, but when the Sinatra and Martin tunes came on, it was us youngsters who seemed to be enjoying the music more. It turned into a good evening and when we got back home, the tunes and drinking didn't stop until shortly before 6am.

I needed that.

Colin 6:10 pm


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