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Friday, May 12, 2006

A Day On The Town

Not a lot of work today, I'm afraid. Well, not the usual 'sitting-at-desk' type of work, but more the 'rushing about to meeting after meeting' type work. Most of it revolved around an overnight implementation I'm working on for tomorrow night and there are a lot of stresses and worries that the managerial Gods are under because of it. None of it bothers me however, because I am made of Teflon and don't really give a shit anyway.

And so by early afternoon I was sat in Clark's with Dave and Tom. We went from there down to Tanfield Bowling Club, sank a few more pints and played some pool until early evening when Zander joined us. It was a good laugh and the drink flowed fast and thick.

From there we moved on to St.Cuthbert's, Hectors, The Baillie and The Standard, a pub crawl designed to slowly move us towards the city centre. By the time we left The Standard, the levels of drunkenness had escalated to ridiculous proportions. Tom decided to buy a round of zambucca and while I received stern slaggings about my manhood for not taking part, I wasn't the one who ended up being sick in my mouth and having to swallow it back down, in order to prevent being kicked out the pub for making a mess.

So we jumped into a cab and headed for The Jam House. Tom was ejected at the door for a) wearing trainers and b) for being too drunk anyway. When we got inside Dave did a disappearing act and after much worried searching, I found out later he had decided to depart in a taxi. Enough being enough.

And so it was me and Zander who remained. The Jam House is the brain-child of Jools Holland and is a hybrid restaurant-dance-live music venue. A great theme, but in reality not as good as I had imagined it might be. The house band were pleasant enough, but didn't play enough to really get me that excited and it was all over rather quickly. After they left the stage, the buzz that seemed to be around the place disappeared and all that remained was a replica of All Bar One; a large room with no personality serving over-expensive wine and beer.

After Zander so kindly did a runner, leaving me on my own, I eventually hopped into a taxi and back home. It all makes sense as I write it now, but at the time I was really quite drunk and confused.

After the hectic week I've had, I probably needed it. It was great to be back out with the boys on a Friday again, as it's been too long in the coming. Can't do it every week though; I'm just too old for this kind of thing.

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