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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunshine On Leith

It was an even more beautiful morning than yesterday. Blue skies everywhere and a new level of warmth, without being overbearing. Then I arrived in the office.


We moved Milly out into her new home I the back garden last night. It's a much bigger hutch with a larger sleeping compartment and larger play area. She took to it immediately.

I, on the other hand, never.

I walked into the kitchen later at night and popped my head out to check there were no cats or foxes milling about. And there she was, sitting at the back of the hutch staring through the grill at me in the conservatory. Her wee eyes were calling to me, what have you done to me - it's freezing out here. I felt so guilty and asked Gail if we should bring her back in - she told me to grow up.

Then this morning I walked into the kitchen and it hit me that she wasn't there any more. She was out back in her new pad. It's no fun not having there to greet me every day. There's a big gap where she used to play in the corner. I looked out at her munching away on some lettuce for breakfast, glad she made it through the night, but I miss her not being in the house. Wee soul.

Worked through some long chapters; 10 to 13 of Hunting Jack. I'm finding the further in I get the less actually needs changed or cut out. Must be my writing was improving the more I wrote. Or maybe I'm not noticing as much today. Surely it can't be that because I'm so charged with the work I'm managing to handle at the moment.

I went to snooker but really couldn't be arsed. My mind is too focussed on my Stella and Hunting Jack editing, I started losing my concentration; hitting the wrong balls, forgetting who's shot it was or what colour I was on. Total shambles, and all because I'm totally immersed in these works.

I meant to say, on the way home yesterday the bus was diverted because the police had closed off Henderson Street in Leith. It didn't put me out too much, it just meant I had to walk a bit further to get home, but no reason was give for the closure.

Today it all became obvious. A sniper in the 'Banana Flats' was taking pot-shots at workies and passers-by with a rifle. The ARU was assembled and within minutes the entire area cordoned off with armed officers trained on the building. Eventually he was captured and charged on firearms and drugs (no surprise there) charges.

Ah Leith. Yes, the sun never stops shining here.

Colin 10:02 am


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