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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Mouth

I never had anything to drink at snooker last night so I woke without my normal Thursday head of fuzz and got into work at a decent time. The people in my area where I sit, hemmed in like lemmings, have decided we don't need artificial light any more. The result is that our area is now a dark and mysterious corner of the office, where no-one fear tread. Other than the glow of the monitors and tapping of keyboards, it promotes peace and an essence of serenity.

That is until the loud mouth over the barrier starts talking. He can't stop himself. He can't stop himself shouting every sentence to the point I want to ram my PC down his throat because it's a pile of crap as well. And he's at it all day; talk-talk-talk-talK-taLK-tALK-TALK-TALK!!! We call him The Mouth - because that's about all there is of him.

Maybe I'm getting to the source of one of my frustrations.

Had quite a busy day in the office. It dragged toward the end of the afternoon but the tail end of the week does tend to go quicker than the start. It's depressing that all there is to do is pray for the weekend.

I worked through the first six chapters of Stella, adding a net total of 620 new words. It's really coming together now. Once this draft is done I'll print it off and give it a good going over from the page. Then any more changes add them in and maybe hand it to someone to read over before doing another read through.

Colin 11:06 am


I'll be more than happy to read it!

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