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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take A Break

By 9am it was roasting. All us wally's who decided on even the lightest of jackets to work, soon regretted it as soon as we were a hundred yards down the road. It was roasting this morning - even better than yesterday. Today is meant to be the peak of the heat wave, with tomorrow being overcast and cooler. Just in time for me being unable to find a beer garden to sit in and have my Friday pint after a week of sitting in a stifling office watching everyone else get burnt.

I got through a lot of work today. I edited chapters 14 through to 18 of Hunting Jack, fully polished and ready smoothly. I also managed one chapter of the second part of Stella.

By the time I was done my head and eyes were aching and I really couldn't go on anymore. I have worked my ass off this week, between the day job and then the manuscripts and fatigue really overtook me. I just couldn't look at another word or piece of paper.

So after dinner - a fry-up since Ian was joining us - I took five, watched a bit of telly and just chilled. I think I've deserved it. The editing I have got through equates to about 54,000 words being reviewed, contemplated, edited, re-read and edited again. It's been tough going and I feel like I've worked extremely hard because my brain is shouting, "enough for now!"

And so in the interests of quality, I think it best to take a few hours rest before resuming.

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