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Friday, May 05, 2006

A New Project Begins

The thunder storms that hit Northern Ireland and the west side of Scotland failed to reach us here last night. The pictures that some members of the public got as the storm passed over Glasgow are somewhat spectacular though. Have a gander over at BBC's weather pics page.

Banning pie and chips in the great British pub could be next on our wonderful Executive's agenda. Don't even get me started on that one.

My latest press release was published today, publicising my new e-book, Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 as well as highlighting some of my other work.

It never made any difference to me what food was being served in the pubs today because a few of us in the team went out for an Indian meal for lunch. Kushi's on Potterrow was the venue for the food, the pub next door the supplier of the bevy. It was a gorgeous meal; I had pakora with chilli sauce then lamb with a chilli/onion/garlic/tomato/ginger sauce. Wonderfully hot and very tasty.

At night I got to work contacting all members of my writing forum, past and present, to see if I can get a wee project underway I've been thinking about. An anthology of work from all our members is the aim, which I'll produce into a tasteful e-book and release at some point later in the year. Hopefully I can get as many people as possible interested and it will be an exciting project. I think it will be hugely worthwhile and will be something great we can all look back on. More on this as it unfolds.

Managed another chapter of Stella before I went to bed. I wish she was real.

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