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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Over For Another Year

Thanks to everyone who downloaded my e-book, Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 yesterday, during the second annual, Poetry Super Highway, Great Poetry Free-For-All.

I've already had some wonderful feedback and having downloaded all of the e-books myself, the standard was, as always, superb. There is always much to learn and much to enjoy when exposed to so many talented writers and poets, and I have to congratulate my colleague Rick Lupert on the work he does online as well as in his own community.

The download stats were published this morning, and while there were 13 less books than last year, I managed to come in as 7th top downloaded book with 39 downloads.

Last year, I came 6th with 74 downloads for Brick by Brick. The winner last year had 103 in total.

This year's winner did so with 59 downloads, who by the way is a cyber-buddy of mine from Glasgow; the outstanding writer and poet Dee Rimbaud with his e-book, Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels. There's a link to Dee's site over on the left of this page somewhere.

And so it's all over for another year. The book is up on the site for general download release, and people are getting their copies daily. Brick by Brick is still downloaded every day, which is perhaps the biggest surprise.

Silly Poems was a lot of fun to do. It gave me a big tick on my GDR and of course exposed me to some new ideas and possibilities. Right now however, it's back to the fiction!

Espresso Fiction sent me three identical e-mails, each one a rejection for Heart of a Child, Daffodils and On A Monday Morning. Not entirely unexpected.

I wrote up a press release for Silly Poems, which I'll re-draft and post tomorrow for publication at the end of the week. Figured I might as well promote this as a highlight on the back of Fringe Fantastic.

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