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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bunny Breath

With Gail staying over at her pals I had it all to do this morning. Through the action of a vivid dream I now fail to remember, Laura came stumbling into the room at 6am asking if it was late enough to get up. When she discovered the time, she returned to play in her room for a couple of hours while I dozed lightly, unable to grab onto the deep unconscious I had been lifted so unceremoniously from only moments before.

Breakfast and showers were had then it was off to dancing (her, not me). The rain made this a hazardous journey but before long I had dropped her off and was on a bus heading up Leith Walk. I bought a couple of books from the 3 pound pile while browsing in Fopp. Paul Auster's, Oracle Night, which has been on my list for a while. It's not his latest but I need to read this to catch up with his work and get my Auster fix.

I also got The Outsider by Albert Camus. It's a translation at 110 pages, but it was the first line that captivated me into buying it; "Mother died today. Or yesterday, I don't know."

What a fantastic opening line! Why doesn't the protagonist know? Who is he and what internal conflicts exist to provoke such a statement from a man who (should be) is in mourning? I have to say I can't wait to read this one so I'm bumping it up my Pending pile.

On the way home I bought some toys for the bunnies, because after all a bored rabbit is a naughty rabbit! While cleaning out their hutch last night I found this out the hard way. I had placed them in an aerated cardboard box while I saw to replenishing their home and I turned around to see Pippin half out the box, which was resting on top of a chair. I ran towards her and caught her mid-air as she fell. I put her back and close the lid for their safety.

Cleaning Milly's hutch this afternoon was much easier. I put her in the same box and gave it a full overhaul, this time placing a payer of newspaper underneath to give her more warmth since she is the one stuck outside in the garden.

I decided to dig up some worms to feed the tropical fish and ended up weeding and turning the entire garden while I was at it. Brownie points all round, which can't be bad.

When Gail came back we got the bunnies out for a play. All three of us sat on the couch and let them bound around on us. Naturally I got peed on but both rabbits seemed to take a likeness to the skin on my hand and arms, licking me all over. Pippin then went a step further and started to lick clean my face, ears and nose. Ever wondered what rabbit breath smells like? Not as bad as you might think but still enough to put you off your liver casserole.

I worked for a while on the wedding poem, and after sundown I got out the laptop and got to work on Stella. I worked until 3am and got to about half way through the story, updating the manuscript with all the amendments made to the print-out. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, Monday at the latest, I'll have a story ready to be sent out to some readers.

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