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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long Day

My recently ordered Too Hot CD called Time Flies arrived in the post this morning. I stuck it on the player full blast as soon as Gail had left for work and made a coffee. It looks to be an excellent album, but their earlier stuff is looking far superior. I never got a chance to listen to all of it properly but there's nothing like some Ska in the morning to get the heart started.

I penned a couple of rebellious emails in work, both to my manager explaining my "disgust" at recent requests and management policies. They always go down well and it's fun watching them have to respond without showing any emotion. My confidence in them is totally assured, however, because of their recent attendance on the in-house management course entitled, 'How To Manage Difficult Teams'.

One of my work colleagues logged onto my blog this afternoon. I never knew about it until I heard The Upsetters blaring out from her PC. We've only just had the sound cards activated in our PC's so we can watch corporate brainwashing broadcasts, which they've given us headsets to listen to - but she never had hers plugged in. Oh, what a scream. Not laughed like that for ages.

Played with Mopsy and Pippin when I got home. Milly, the Guinea Pig has become quite aggressive lately, which we originally put down to her being moved outside. One look at the nails on her back feet told us a different story, though so we decided we should trim them.

I held her in my arms while Gail snipped her nails. She didn't like it one bit. We were shown how to do it and researched into it as well, so we were confident in doing it, but we had been warned that this particular GP didn't like being tampered with. The poor wee thing was biting away at me and then she started doing jobbies in my arms. And I mean a lot of jobbies followed by a lake of pee. I was covered in it; my arms, hands and jeans were ringing. The poor wee soul had totally lost it so I brought it all to a halt. She was clearly not enjoying the experience but it had to be done.

After throwing all my clothes into the washing machine and showering off, I tried to work on Stella, but couldn't get into it. I did manage a chapter of Hunting Jack. It's getting slower now because I'm approaching where the new scene is to be written. I want it to flow seamlessly, but I also want it to add as much as possible to the plot. The ripples when I come out the other end are going to be huge and almost every page will need altered in some way to cater for the huge splash this scene is going to make. All part of the fun though!

I was so tired in fact, I ended up going to bed at about 10pm. Gail needed help with a project for her work, so I ended up getting involved with that for an hour.

Long day. Tomorrow will be longer.

Colin 11:07 am


JOBBIES!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Thanks for the FABULOUS mental picture!

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