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Thursday, May 18, 2006

1 Step Forward, 2 Holy Steps Back

Got myself a new mobile phone through the 'phone-for-life' scheme. Once a year I get an upgrade (if I want it) and as it's been two years since my last. I plumped for the Nokia 6280 .

Highlights of this little 3G gem include a 2 mega-pixel camera, in-built flash and photographic options, high resolution video cam, mp3 player, 64Mb flash card, FM radio, TV and of course all the usual suspects that you would normally expect to get on a telephone; WAP, Bluetooth, organiser, ability to call people up!

The advance multimedia will allow me to take superior photographs for my writing projects, and of course coupled with the video cam it will provide excellent images of gigs and so forth. The radio I use daily on my way to and from work, as I do with the MP3 player, and the TV I'm giving it a trial month (it came with a one month free option for Sky) so I'll see how that goes after I've used it.

All in all it's a nifty little number and it didn't cost me a bean!

I decided I have been slowing up with Stella and Hunting Jack. So to divert my attention somewhere else for a bit, and in order to keep up the motivation and energy levels, I turned my attention back to the work I've been doing for the reading for my sister's wedding this July.

It will definitely be in the form of a poem, the focus of which will be love and reflective of the personalities of both my sister and her husband-to-be, Nolon. I have to have at the title for her by Saturday at the very least (so the programmes can go to print), but I think I know what it is to be called. More later - I need to finalise it in my head first.

Speaking of Nolon, it's his Stag Party Part 1 next weekend. Since many of us are unable to make it to the main stag over in Lithuania, he's having a Scottish one. It will see a small troop of us heading for Aberdeen for a mega-swally; a trip I have to say, I'm quite looking forward to.

My shoes are almost kaput. The right sole is now so bad, over the course of one day I wore through a brand new pair of socks and had to walk through Leith on the way home yesterday with my bare sole touching concrete.

When I took my shoes and socks off later on, I discovered a small black circle on the ball of my right foot where the hole was.

Why haven't I worn my new shoes to work yet? Well, because they are too nice to wear to this shite-hole. I'm going to get another pair of cheap sturdy numbers to take care of that. I'll need to be quick before I run out of socks though.

Or am I talking pish?

Quick heads up to a couple of people I know who are really going through the mill at the moment.

Devon, if you are reading this then try and stay strong. There are a lot of us behind you and there's no need to tell you we'll jump to join arms if you need us to. I'm thinking about you and hoping it will all work out.

Dee Rimbaud is going through a tough time as well and as a result is having an art clearance sale. You can view some his spectacular creations over at and if you like any you can make a bid for them by email. Hope it all works out, Dee.

Colin 2:07 pm


Here's why I think the shoe thing is a ruse: you'd collect loads of broken glass, and yer wee weegie feet would be all cut to bits.
Thanks for the vote of support. Hope to return to the cyberuniverse soon.

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