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Friday, May 19, 2006

Batter-Coated Dinners

Despite being up until after 1am last night, I felt great this morning. I think the fact that it is a Friday has overtaken all other negative emotions and elevated me into supreme good mood mode.

No visits to Clark's at lunch; far too much work on in the office believe it or not but I did manage to get away for about four o'clock.

Gail was out for the night so me and Laura walked round to the chippie for dinner. Lovely batter-coated dinner with chips; totally unhealthy but totally satisfying. It's good to indulge oneself every now and then.

Worked on Stella and the wedding poem during the evening with the TV on in the distant background. That's the good thing about editing from paper (aside the creative and editorial benefits), it gets you away from the computer for a bit and changes the scenery.

I ended up watching Falling Down, which took me to 2am. It came on just as I was about to turn off the lights. That's the film where Michael Douglas plays the office bloke who loses the plot while stuck in traffic.

We've all been there and I can totally relate, though I don't think going on a gun rampage in MacDonald's is quite the limits I would go to. Well, you'd have to get me inside a MacDonald's first of all, something I'm never going to do again after seeing the documentary movie, Supersize Me. That film, quite literally, put me off the food that can be purchased from that place.

I'd much rather have a lovely batter-coated dinner with chips.

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